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Lost definition….but i don’t care….it’s not an extended play of my Dirty Sound single….it’s not an album, it’s not a mixtape…..E.P….Everythings Powerful….Excellent Production…..Extended Promotion….End Product….Ear Protein…. BLAOW!!! you are about to ENCOUNTER PERFECTION!!!

Have a listen to one of the featured songs on this EP, produced by HerdaVim?

Ermmm, i was away….and i am not anymore.
Ive got scripts, music videos and songs….and EP’s and stuffff!!!


The highly anticipated Lyrical Assassin Mixtape from Ms.Darks….


1-Who Is She (Intro) – Produced by Delio Lima Music
2-Noise – Produced by MasterMind
3-I Really Like You ft. GeeGee.C – Produced by Jordan James (WKR)
4-One-A-Dem Ones
5-Run With Me
6-Jerk That Chicken – Produced by C-Skratch
7-Bonus Stage Freestyle – Produced by Teddy Music
8-Be Direct – Produced by Jordan James (WKR)
10-La La La – Produced by Jordan James (WKR)
11-Bamboozled – Produced by Ms.Darks (WKR)
12-Save The Day – Produced by MasterMind
13-iPut The Work Inn ft. Fee Fee – Produced by Jordan James (WKR)
14-Carry Out Freestyle
15-Too Many – Produced by Deset
16-I Can Do – Produced by Jordan James (WKR)
17-I’m About ft. Weezy
18-I Wanna Rock
19-Month, Week, Day Ft. BizziBizz – Produced by Jordan James (WKR)
20-Fallen Apart – GeeGee.C – written & engineered by Ms.Darks – Produced by Jordan James (WKR)
21-Guarantee – Produced by Ms.Darks (WKR)

320kbps .rar – FREE DOWNLOAD:


320kbps .zip – FREE DOWNLOAD


@TakashiFlash ‘s Very creative analysis on the 10 tracks she has listened to off the mixtape. Had to blog it! lol

And an old school friend done the artwork 🙂

Okay so theoretically speaking I have been 19 for 2 hours and 32 minutes….but technically I am still 18 as I don’t think i was born until 7/8am June 25th 1991 (;-P)


I haven’t slept yet, I am way to excited about Glastonbury later!!
My last rehearsal with the band (Jordan James, Ryan UR Drumma, Chris Riley, Swizzee) Was yesterday, as in 23rd and it went very well…I had a huge grin on my face the entire evening, the grin of feeling extremely accomplished!


Okay so its 2.45AM GMT Friday 25th June (Been listening to to much Rinse FM!!)
And we begin our journey in approximately 5 1/4hrs….We are told the driver of our minivan is supplying food!!! YAAAAY US!!
We love food….
-1stly gotta stop off at a superstore, get some Baileys, my favourite!!! (WHATT MUM?!?! IT IS MY BIRTHDAY ISN’T IT???!! – SHEESH!)
-Then stop off at the BBC’s hotel and collect the ticket…so our driver can get his groove orrn too!
-Then we head on over to the mud for a BBQ (yaaaay US again, MORE FOOD!) with our BBC family, mingle, have a great time
and mentally prepare for our set!

2.52AM In The Ms.Darks Bedroom
…I should really be sleeping!! I am going to come off of word-press and pack my bag! Charge my phones, burn some BACK up copies of the backing music…and do some other important stuff.

Gosh we have been working so hard for this day I just hope we do a phenomenal job and leave a mark!

Special Thank You To ALL The BBC Crew that have been supporting me, The DJs and producers that love my music and play it!
The selection that picked me out and believed I was ready…cause I AM!
And the ones that make me happy to check my emails!!!! BBC News is GOOD News…when it’s in my mailbox!!!
Swizzee Diverse Talent
Ryan UR Drumma
Chris Riley
Jordan James
Ricardo C-Skratch



pics from other rehearsals…

Wednesday 2nd June 2010…..YESTERDAY.
I was witness to a HUGE event called Just Jam, put on by the don’s Tim & Barry @ The Alibi club in Dalston. With attendees such as Marcus Nasty, Silencer/Teddy Music, Maverick, DJ Complex, Storma & TRC from The OG’s….

I have to say, it reminded me why I fell in love with Grime in the beginning! Accompanied by producer Jordan James, about an hour into my late arrival, I stepped to the mic and did my thangg!
It was a pleasure to have Mr.Silencer on the decks I must say, and it’s defo a Jam I reckon anyone who appreciates the underground sound should attend!! …..

Enough talking, check the set!

Ps. I am t the very end.

Okay…where do i start:

The plane??
Here is my view…British Airways and HSBC thats all i remember from the airport

  • Take orrrf!
  • We Roots n Routes, we Fly Higher than Weather

    See, i’ve had 3 hour convo’s with family members about this journey…as it was probably the most eventful week of my life!
    And this is just the beginning!!

    Wow, i met so many unbelievably talented and cool people. All able to speak 2 or more languages, tear up the dance floor and/or hit some crazy notes….not to mention m  any playing multiple musical instruments!!
    I was so impressed….from day one i thought to myself (wow, i have A LOT of work to do when i get home)


    Adjusting to the money was crazy ….£60 became about 17,000 moneys lol so paying 200 moneys for an energy drink was a madness at first lol…and the cab man try charge us 6,000 for the journey from the airport to Hotel Thomas lol…nutz!

    Budapest streets

    Anywho, i was sharing a room with Glorious Georgia (Georjuhh) lol, a badgyal dancer/singer.
    And partially Amazing Aaron, he was always over for dinner.

    Glorious Georgia & Amazing Aaron

    Here is my 1st VLog / Video Diary of day 2…..

    We went to check out the Budapest nightlife either that evening or the next….

    “All I Know Is The Place Did Bunn Up, When WE Arrived”  – Miss Ellington
    It was crazy, we stepped in there like bloaw! Tore up the dances….had a circle formed almost instantly. Not to mention the Hungarian women watching, trying to replicate the dances mwahaha…and the men…what fiends!!

    Georgia try say she didnt want to go cause she was tired…if you saw the life in this woman when she hit the dance floor…you would have laughed!
    I remember how Ava teased one dude…danced right passed him…he was excited…thinking she was coming to dance with him, he turned around….she was GONE!! …HILARIOUS!
    I wish i had more pics though, cause Ava tour that place up boy…my girl took the stage at the back with all sorts of flips…woah.

    here are just a few snaps….

    After that, we were BRUCK-UP in rehearsals….

    Here is Vlog Pt. 2…then i am going to wrap this one up till i edit the next videos!

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